Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Foundation

Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Foundation

The August 2010 Community News letter from the West Covina Chamber of Commerce had a wonderful section dedicated to the Foundation, our float, and community activities. In their newsletter they had the following wonderful things to say:

Participation in the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena gives the City of West Covina a most unique opportunity to be showcased to millions around the world and once again on New Years day there will be a West Covina Float in the parade. The design and construction and ‘flowering’ of the float is a community program run by the Rose Float Foundation (a non-profit 501 (C ) (3) and is not funded by the city or any government program, so they need donations to support this activity.

I believe the entire community is most proud to see West Covina represented in this annual event and being viewed by millions of people provides a unique opportunity for our business community as well.
This program depends on donations and Drexel Smith would like to encourage all members to consider a donation and or sponsorship. Upcoming on September 11th the Rose Float Foundation will host its sixth annual banquet, an “Evening of Wine and Roses”. Donations of goods or services that could be used in a silent auction would be most welcome.

To find out more about the Rose Float Foundation, please go to
The West Covina Chamber of Commerce looks forward to supporting the Rose Float Foundation and the world-wide name identification the program provides.

The Foundation would like to thank the Chamber for their participation and support in our activities and we would encourage everyone to be sure to visit their website at to learn more about the incredible outreach and benefits they bring to the community.

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